Juice Pouches can get Sticky and Icky!

… So you want to make sure you store them properly before sending them in! As an office that is built on trash and from trash, we know how to keep the bugs out of the collection box and sticky juices off your fingers, and we want to share our tips with you so that your collections go as smoothly as possible. While juice pouches may be the stickiest thing we collect, these tips apply to any TerraCycle collection programs!

Here are a few tips, straight from the TerraCycle customer support and operations team:

1. Always have a lid on your collection bin. This way, flies and other bugs won’t be attracted to your bins and any trashy smells will be reduced.

2. Cut a small hole in the top of your box (the lid) so that wrappers and pouches can be easily deposited without removal of the lid.

3. Use a garbage liner or trash bag inside your box. The lining will preserve your box and keep it clean for future collections.

4. At the end of every collection day, close the inside bag, and place a new one on top of it for the next day. Use smaller trash bags so that space in larger bags won’t go to waste.

5. Make sure there is no food waste left in wrappers and packaging. This will cut down on odors and flies. For juice pouches, it is harder to make sure there’s no juice, so it’s best just to follow all the guidelines of optimal trash collecting and make sure that juice stays inside the pouch instead of dripping down the outside.

Questions? Suggestions from your Brigade? Let us know! Comment below or email comments@terracycle.com!

4 thoughts on “Juice Pouches can get Sticky and Icky!

  1. I really like the collection bin you have pictured! We use Suncast 18 gallon hopper bins that have a lid that will stay up during our heaviest collection times (lunch) and then close easily. They are very easy to rinse out. Our school has been Terracycling for about 2 years, so we have pretty good success with kids putting only juice pouches in that bin. In the beginning, though, I thought it would be great to have a juice pouch sized slot as you have in that picture! Thanks for the ideas!

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