Spotlight on: Lynden Christian School

We’d like to feature some of our outstanding collectors here on the blog every so often to recognize their efforts and show our appreciation! Since we talked last week about a few ways to use flyers to get the word out about your Brigade, we’d like to put Lynden Christian School in the spotlight for the way they’ve used their school newspaper and publication!

In their Brigade profile they explain how they use the school association newsletter five times a month to mention the Brigade and let people know about the efforts. They also use their school publication to give updates on the Brigade, how much it has collected, and what the money is being used for, which helps encourage people because they know exactly how their efforts are paying off! Called the Home Bulletin Paper, it reaches people outside of the school, extending the reach of the Brigade even farther.

Bulletin boards are also a fun idea, and the kids can help cut letters, shapes and decorations for it. It should be set up in a main, well-trafficked area of the school so everyone can see it.  The flyers can be hung on the bulletin board.

On Thursday we’ll give a tip for marketing your Brigade to your community, and keep a look out for other Brigade tips and spotlights as well!

Has your Brigade done something like this? Email us your story!

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