Part of expanding your Brigade is not just engaging people within your organization but engaging people within the larger community. When you reach out to others in your area, you gain recognition for your efforts, and you can also increase collections and raise awareness about the importance of recycling. Additionally, you help provide an opportunity for others to make great environmental efforts. A win-win all around!

One of the best ways to get the community involved is to ask them! Walk around town and ask local businesses – in person – if they wouldn’t mind having a TerraCycle bin at the front of their store, or if they wouldn’t mind hanging a flyer telling people where they can take the Brigade waste. Talking to someone in person is the best way because then you put a face to your organization and you know that they heard the news!

Once you have locations set, the next step is letting people know. Make sure people within your organization know that there are alternate drop-off locations that may be closer to their jobs or homes. Hang up a flyer on a local community board. Ask the businesses to share on their Facebook or Twitter. Share on your Facebook or Twitter.

Above all, talk and talk and talk. The more you talk about what your ideas, the more people you will run into who really want to become involved or are genuinely interested in the program!


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