Extra Points? TerraCycle Prizes?

You can have ‘em. Lots of them! One of the best ways to earn more money with your Brigade – and help increase collections around your school or community group – is with contests. While you can run your own (and it can be a lot of fun for students), you can also participate in the contests that TerraCycle facilitates for all Brigade members.


We usually have a few collection contests for different Brigades running at the same time. If you check out the contests page  you will be able to see all the current contests. We love collection contests because they can help divert even more trash from the landfill. We often run month to two month contests that will award the highest collectors during that period with extra points for their charity organization.

Sometimes, there are also collection contests for the Brigade as a whole to work together. If the Brigade reaches a certain number of items collected in a specific period of time, everyone in the Brigade will be rewarded with extra points for their charity.

Since we know not all Brigades are large, and not every Brigade can collect enough to truly compete in a collection contest, TerraCycle also has shipment raffles. Send in a shipment during a certain time, and be entered to win an upcycled TerraCycle prize or extra points! So even smaller schools still have many great chances to win!

We also accept any size shipment, and even if your shipment is too small to receive a TerraCycle point donation, it can still qualify you for the monthly giveaways.

Remember to check out the contest page to see how you can win some extra points, – right now we have the Chip Bag Blitz Collection contest, the Charitable Gift Challenge, Drink Pouch Palooza, Erase your E-Waste, and more – and let us know what contests you’re running at your school to collect more at comments@terracycle.com.



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