East Amwell Township School happens to be one of our smallest schools – about 350 students! – yet … they are also one of our top collectors! Here on the blog we recently gave a few tips for how to make a small school’s collections grow and at the same time, a team from TerraCycle was visiting East Amwell to interview them and help them share their collecting tips with you.

Watch the video below to find out how the school organizes using boxes in every classroom, and how the students are involved in every step of the process.

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3 replies on “Brigade Spotlight Location: East Amwell Township School


    QUESTION? You collected over $4000 . . . . Approximate date that you first joined Terracycle Brigade and assuming you started small, how many & what brigades were the first to be implemented at your school. Finally, where is your school located?

    I’ve just started the program in a large High school district which is basically s l o w to get involved . . . your help/suggestions appreciated. Thanks



    1. Hi Nancy! Thanks for commenting! We will pass your questions on to the school, and hopefully they’ll be able to answer them for you!
      Thanks again!


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