We recently walked you through redeeming your points for a charity or school donation, but you may not want to redeem to the same place every time. In this case, it’s important to know how to add another charity to your account so that you can make a donation to wherever you’d like. Or, you can redeem points for more than one charity at a time.

Follow the steps below to add another charity to your “Designated Charities” in your TerraCycle account, and then let us know if you have any questions about the process!

1. Sign in to your account, and from your main page, click on the IMPACT tab.

TerraCycle Designate Charity

2. Click on “Manage Charities.”

TerraCycle Manage Charities

3. Click on “Add new charity.”

 TerraCycle New Charity Addition

4. Add all of the information in the fields provided. The “Charity ID” will be the Federal Tax ID Number of the charity or school and will be entered in the format XX-XXXXXXX. You can get this number by calling the charity.

TerraCycle Charity ID


Click submit, and your new charity will be added to your “designated charities.” It will be included in your drop down list when you go to redeem your points.

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Questions? Contact Customer Service at customersupport@terracycle.com or 866-967-6766.

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