Spring, Easter, and even SUMMER breaks are upon us, and we want to share with you a helpful tool for keeping collections up at school during these breaks. The “School Break Collection Challenge” will help keep your collections on track even when you’re out of the classroom (or not having meetings, etc!). Each student is asked to fill a brown paper bag with collection items, and bring it to school after the break. Or, they can bring it to a collection point during the break.

Helping collections stay steady throughout breaks is important so that you can keep fundraising even when school isn’t in session. This will keep you prepared to continue high collections when break is over, and not have dips in funding. Not to mention that your trash piles won’t get backed up and stacked too high over a vacation! Plus, TerraCycle needs all the drink pouches, chip bags, and trash we can get! 😉

This challenge is solely for your students or participants – you won’t be competing against other Brigades, so you can set a reward or goal for your group on your own.

3 thoughts on “Introducing the… School Break Collection Challenge!

  1. TerraCycling friends,
    Thank you for these flyers to hand out over spring/summer break–I was wondering how we would keep up collections during these times!
    Also, are you sure you “need all the drink pouches, chip bags, and trash (you) can get”?
    We’ve been on a Wait List (for eight different brigades) for some time now–Chip bags
    being one of them.
    Kudo’s to your “Resources” team, but the “Customer Service” team seems to be slipping. Latey, none of my emails have been addressed. One of which concerns a shipment of cell phones sent on 3/9/12 that has not yet been posted to our account(What I’ve Earned” column). The tracking number is 1Z1AR8610394650781. UPS records show the package was signed for by “Gerrick” @11:04am 3/9/12 in Cleveland, OH. Delivery location: Dock; Service: Ground. HELP!

    Thank you,
    L. Bailey, coordinator
    Griggs Elementary School
    Poplar Branch, NC 27965

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