TerraCycle Tuesday: Spotlight on Dairy Tub Brigade
Original Post by: Elizabeth Guerrero from the: Room 201 Blog

The first TerraCycle Tuesday of April! Yesterday, the new Dairy Tub Brigade was launched. This new brigade is a mix of the former Yogurt Cup and Spreads Container brigades.

What can be TerraCycled in this category?

Answer: any brand and size cream cheese tubs and lids, sour cream tubs and lids, cheese tubs and lids, yogurt tubs and lids, any shape yogurt cups, butter tubs and lids, margarine tubs and lids, any other dairy product tub, foil tops, plastic tub tops.

What does this waste get used for?
By sending this waste to TerraCycle, you can provide a second life for used dairy tubs by converting these waste materials into fun and innovative products, recycled plastic products that can themselves be recycled into more useful items!

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