Churchill Road Elementary School upcycled its way into our Top 100 Chip Bag collectors, and they accomplished this with hours of effort, many participants, and loads of dedication. They’re a model of how to make a TerraCycle Brigade successful, and they’ve gone above and beyond to collect, earn, and reach others in the community. How do they do it?

Upcycle Sorting Cart

1. Everyone in the school takes part, from student council representatives to parents to administrators. Being a part of the Brigade is seen as a leadership opportunity for students.

2. They talk about their upcycling efforts in the school newsletter and the local paper. Communicating efforts is important so that people know they have the option to participate and that the program exists.

3. Churchill has many different collection stations, so it’s very easy to find an upcycling bin! They have a table in the cafeteria, a laundry cart in the lobby, and boxes in each classroom.

Now, one of the most important and meaningful things that Churchill does is help coordinate “Going Green” meetings as well as attend local and national “green” conferences. The principal of the school chairs quarterly meetings to help and encourage green practices in other schools. The teachers make an effort to learn about recycling and upcycling best practices so that they can properly impart those practices upon students. Talk about going the extra mile! This ensures that all green practices are done as effectively as possible, and that the students are learning as effectively as possible.

Cafe Inquiry on Waste Reduction at Churchill Road Elementary School

The school also invites others in – such as school representatives – to see their collection program and how it is set up. They use what they’ve learned to teach others, even outside of the school.

Churchill has raised more than $2,000, which they put towards expanding their “green” programs and clubs. So far, they’ve bought collection containers and composters. The compost tumblers are used for the fruit and vegetable waste in the school’s edible garden. Neat!

Thanks, Churchill, for all your hard upcycling work!


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  1. This is great! I love the idea of using a laundry hamper for collection. Actual recycling stations are so expensive, so what a great alternative idea!

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