We love graffiti the same way we love trash. While some people think that graffiti needs to be painted over, we actually invite local graffiti artists to come and paint the offices, inside and out. From writing to portraits to abstract art, the walls are constantly covered with color. Everyone from Scooby-Doo to the Avengers to Barack Obama to Alexander Calder have blessed our walls.

TerraCycle Graffiti 4

TerraCycle operates by taking trash, widely viewed as a societal negative, and turning it into new, innovative products, a positive. Our CEO, Tom Szaky, says that he wanted our office to reflect this, so what better way than covering the walls in an art form often seen as vandalism? TerraCycle views Graffiti as having the power to transform public spaces (when done responsibly and legally) and bring together communities. To help portray graffiti art in this manner, TerraCycle is proud to have its walls be a living, breathing piece of art!

This love of graffiti extends so far as to host an annual Graffiti Jam, an all day festival with music, food, and of course, lots and lots of graffiti. Check out a video from last year’s event HERE.

The courtyard walls get repainted fairly frequently, with artists coming in and out every month. Even one of TerraCycle’s full time employees, Graphic Designer Dean Innocenzi, contributes to the murals covering the entire building.

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