Men and women all over the country have become part of the Garnier Cleaner Greener Tour. With its fifth stop this weekend June 29, in Tampa, Florida, shoppers have another opportunity to experience the refreshing adventure. In partnership with TerraCycle, Garnier is bringing the greener grass directly to their shoppers and demonstrating ways to recycle empty hair care, skin care or cosmetic packaging. The Tour is celebrating natural beauty inside, outside and of course, in nature.

Garnier and TerraCycle believe that taking care of oneself has benefits that flow into other aspects of the environment. One-third of all landfill waste is comprised of personal care and beauty products. At every stop, the fully-loaded glass tour bus encourages shoppers to drop off old beauty packaging making them eligible for a mini-style at the on-site Garnier styling station.

Garnier groupies will receive samples and other goodies, experience Garnier styling stations, an interactive bottle toss game, and speak with a trained representative about all the beautiful aspects of recycling and upcycling. Garnier believes in taking care of the world around us and continuously strives to be better for their shoppers, better for the planet and better for the way we want to live.

Through Garnier’s sponsorship of the Beauty Brigade®, any individual or group can collect and send hair care, skin care and cosmetic packaging to TerraCycle for free. Now, all kinds of beauty waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill can now be recycled or reused.

See if the Garnier Greener Tour is coming to your city and learn how you can win a Garnier goodie bag and TerraCycle bonus points. Even if the tour is not coming to your town you can still win!

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