Any junkie will admit, a habit is hard to break, and the Design Team at TerraCycle is no exception. Chief Design Junkie, Tiffany Threadgould, is leading her interns down a trashy path of ingenious this summer. The Design Team brainstorms new office décor, product samples and certainly doesn’t waste time going where no recycling company has gone before.

TerraCycle’s domain continues to transform into a novel example of dexterity by ‘redesigning the recycled.’ This summer the team is spreading its resourceful wings outside, into the courtyard, with several new developments. Tiffany and her interns plan to use wire shelving units and weld a metal structure once design elements ‘materialize.’ They are also working on a table of recycled leather belts for the Frito-Lay Hamilton street team’s in-store demonstrations.

leather belt table

Over the past few weeks, potted flowers have been sunbathing and staying healthy with TerraCycle fertilizer as they settle for installation in a new garden-wall feature. The garden wall will be stabilized by wooden pallets reinforced with landscaping fabric and old plywood, then filled with fresh soil and perennial flowers. Chairs will surround the garden wall, providing another relaxing outdoor space in our ever-evolving courtyard.

The design team was also challenged to find a way to reuse twelve plastic, blue worm-poop vats. The vats are seven feet in diameter. Design intern, Hal Woodin, proposed a possible shape structure as a shade source or using them as raised planters, featuring plants hanging down over the sides, providing shade.

shadow boxes

Woodin also contributes graffiti images on different structures, including spraying dumpsters with the TerraCycle logo. Woodin will be a senior at Syracuse University, majoring in Industrial Design and anticipates his organized graffiti Syracuse Billboard going up within a month.

Hal Graffiti

The Design Junkies at TerraCycle are primed with projects for the summer, including creating shadow boxes for the Bowling Alley room, more netting and bottle-hanging for the Trick-or-Treat room and filming DIY projects for YouTube. Stay tuned to the Design Junkie progress and be sure to check out our DIY projects on our YouTube channel.

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