Last week we told you all about our obsession with Graffiti and showed off pictures of some of the beautiful art on our courtyard walls. That art is just a fraction of what makes the TerraCycle courtyard so popular among employees.

Now that the weather is nice, many TerraCycle employees and interns take advantage of the outdoor courtyard for lunch breaks and five minute breathers away from their desks.  Our certified design junkies did a fantastic job decorating the space with tons of recycling and upcycling projects. There are picnic tables made from recycled drink pouches and mulch from upcycled flip-flops and wine corks. And if that wasn’t enough recycling and upcycling for you, there’s also the wall made with wine bottles and bottle caps.

Besides eco-friendly furniture and decorations galore, there are a number of different plants that line the walkways. All of this combines to create an organic space that is perfect to go to when you need a quick break.

As you can probably imagine, our courtyard isn’t the only thing decorated with recycled items. Check out pictures of fun items from all around TerraCycle headquarters!

Is there something you’ve always wondered about our TerraCycle office? Let us know in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “Company Culture: A Courtyard Community

  1. I have recycled bridge rock from the betsy ross tear down project a few years back,it still has the blue paint from the bridge. Our styles in garden walls compliment each others inspiration, like minds…?!

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