Like many companies around the country, TerraCycle employs the help of hardworking, ambitious college students as interns. TerraCycle has had as many as 100 interns at a time who help advance projects in every aspect of the company.

When Tom Szaky was first trying to start and grow TerraCycle, he employed a large intern team of Princeton University students who helped get TerraCycle off the ground. As a brand new startup company, you can only afford so much full time help; the intern team worked directly with sponsors and in return got the experience of a lifetime that translated into a huge résumé boost.

Today, interns are still treated as an essential part of the TerraCycle team. The TerraCycle internship program is a little different from your stereotypical internship.  There aren’t any coffee runs or grunt work. Instead, interns work on projects that are meaningful and challenging.  By the end of the summer, interns are armed with an arsenal of “real world” experiences that make them truly stand out when they apply for full time work in their respected fields.


Although the internship is unpaid, TerraCycle provides a bountiful lunch every day and a well-organized educational experience with interdepartmental lectures to teach interns all aspects of the company and business management in general. Many interns also work with their school to get college credit for their time spent at TerraCycle.

If you’d like to learn more about the TerraCycle internship program, check out a episode 8 of podcast HERE where three interns from the TerraCycle Public Relations department are interviewed about their summer experience.  If you think you’d be interested in interning at TerraCycle, keep an eye on our career page HERE, especially come August when we start to look for fall Interns.


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