Every office has its own acceptable way of blowing off steam, but we here at TerraCycle like to think we’ve found the most fun way. What could feel better than picking up a Nerf gun and firing it at your boss or co-workers? At TerraCycle, it is perfectly acceptable to keep a Nerf gun on your desk with a side arsenal of darts. Nerf wars have been known to open up across the entire office, where absolutely no one is safe. All out war doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s GAME ON!.

Even interns get in on this action. At the beginning of each intern cycle, the head of our Legal department becomes the official CNO – Chief Nerf Officer. He hands out Nerf guns based on literary creativity, tasking all who want a gun to write a ten sentence essay titled “Why I Deserve a Nerf Gun.” Some of the Nerf rules of engagement are:

1. Interns are always proper targets
2. Do not shoot at anyone’s face
3. Try not to shoot at anyone less than 5 feet away from you unless they are offering up a target that is just too good to resist
4. Anyone hoarding more than 15 Nerf darts (other than those in your clip) is subject to a firing squad
5. Only genuine Nerf darts may be used
6. Snitching, particularly about dart hoarders, is encouraged

Rule number four is taken very seriously. And just so you know we’re not joking, here’s a video of what happened when someone was found guilty of hoarding darts.

CEO, Tom Szaky, has the best gun in the company, but that isn’t guaranteed to keep him safe. Many ambushes on Tom have entire departments forming a coalition to shoot at the CEO.

So while trash may be our passion, Nerf guns are our favorite past time. What are some eco-friendly ways you have fun at the office?

2 thoughts on “Company Culture: Nerf© Wars

  1. Hey my Kid’s love Nerf Wars too, and from time to time I engage them in the not so mortal combat. I have now found a way to sell scrap plastic at the Ohh so high 4 cents a pound for number one PET Water and Soda Bottles and 2 cents a pound for all other plastic trash(no gunk, no metal) any chance of a Nerf Brigade if not for the guns for the darts?

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