Have you been watching the Olympics and wishing that you could earn a gold medal too? Many of us here at TerraCycle were, so we created an international competition of our own. We are extremely excited to announce our first ever International Recycling Games! During the Recycling Games we are challenging participants to reach a new record for collections. Anyone living in any of the 21 countries that TerraCycle is located in is welcome (and encouraged!) to join.

The nine collection locations that collect the most waste across all Brigade programs will be named our 2012 Recycling Games Medalists. Winners will receive not only a one of a kind upcycled medal, but TerraCycle points as well. The Gold Medalist will win 25,000 points!

But there’s more than just nine people getting prizes. We want everyone to participate and really strive for a personal best during the games, so there are prizes available for everyone. If August 2012 turns out to be your best collection month to date, you will be awarded 1,000 extra TerraCycle points!

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