This back to school season, get a fresh start while helping the environment too. These useful tips can help you begin this school year with a green slate!

Tip #1: Before you hit the mall, access what you already have. This will help you see what you need to buy and what you can reuse. Anything that doesn’t fit can be donated so it’s kept out of the landfill!

Tip #2: Reuse old school supplies. Take out the extra filler paper from your binders, see what pens and highlighters still work, and see how beat up your backpack actually is.

Tip #3: Don’t buy school supplies until after you start school. Teachers will tell you exactly what supplies are required. Why waste time and gas on an item you don’t even need?

Tip #4: Using a reusable lunchbox, water bottle and containers are a great way to be environmentally conscious. Just make sure they contain no lead, BPA, PVC, or phthalates.

Tip #5: Recycle your brown paper bags or Ziploc bags. Paper bags can either be recycled at home with other paper products or through collection centers at grocery stores To recycle your Ziploc bags, deposit used but clean bags to any stores that collect plastic shopping bags. Earth911 is awesome for finding recycling centers near you.

Tip #6: Lower your carbon footprint by riding the bus or carpooling. While the weather is nice, you can even bike or walk which is even better!

Tip #7: Buy recycled paper, print on both sides, and put multiple PowerPoint slides on one sheet of paper.

Tip #8: Recycle old school supplies such as writing instruments, Elmer’s glue bottles and sticks, scotch tape dispensers, and printer inkjet and toner cartridges through TerraCycle’s free collection programs.

Tip #9: Recycle your lunch packaging such as drink pouches, chip bags, Lunchables and energy bar wrappers with TerraCycle as well.

Tip #10: Go to the library to find that book for your report. For all those college kids, buy books used or rent them each semester from your school’s bookstore or from Chegg. You can use fewer resources and save money simultaneously!

These tips are sure to earn “green” stars next to your name. Don’t forget to check out TerraCycle to start a recycling program in your school today!

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