Ever wonder what the Graphic Design team at TerraCycle does?  Members of the graphic design team are responsible for a variety of tasks such as designing posters, producing digital product mockups, creating collecting units, making flyers and logos and just about everything that pertains to photography and film. In addition to being responsible for the United States, they also must do work for all the 20 different countries where TerraCycle collects waste. This means making everything in all the various languages which can be quite a lot of work for such a small department!

Along with TerraCycle’s “Design Junkies”, the graphics department is where a lot of the creative juice flows. Each member has a distinct skill they bring to the graphic design department and to TerraCycle as a whole.

There are four full time members of the graphic design team: Dara, Dean, Chris, and one open spot for a new employee. Dara is the director of the department who also has a degree in Fine Arts (along with graphic design of course), Dean is TerraCycle’s resident filmmaker/weekend graffiti artist, and Chris is TerraCycle’s photographer. They also have five interns to help them out this fall.

Throughout the years, the graphic design has done a variety of jobs and has been an integral part of TerraCycle history. Let’s flashback to 2006 when TerraCycle was a growing plant food company. Dara got her start at TerraCycle when she was an unpaid intern and dealing with label registrations and designs for the different fertilizers products that TerraCycle was known for at the time. Since that time, her assignments have drastically changed, as TerraCycle not only grew as a recycling company but also internationally as well. Meanwhile, Dean was Dara’s friend from college who came to help her with a specific project. When Tom, our CEO and Founder, learned Dean had a skill for film and video, he hired him in 2007.  They both say TerraCycle is a fun, albeit challenging, sometimes stressful place to work.  There is something new every day and that never gets boring.

So what does it take to be a graphic designer at TerraCycle? Besides “natural swag,” according to Dean, one would need a Bachelor’s degree in design (preferably graphic), a strong portfolio that radiates creativity, and be the right personality fit to be a part of the TerraCycle team. If it could be you, make sure to check out the Careers page on TerraCycle’s homepage and apply today, there is one open spot on the team!

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