For a little over a year, Talking Trash with TerraCycle, the company’s podcast has been featured on the corporate website, as well as on iTunes. The podcast discusses various topics each episode including TerraCycle News Updates, Green Living Tips and a recurring contest called ‘The Eco-Challenge”. In addition each episode contains a guest interview with a variety of stakeholders from our wonderful Brigade remembers to our corporate partners.  The producer and host of the podcasts are two members from the public relations department here at TerraCycle.

The producer of the podcast is TerraCycle’s Digital Media Manager David Simons. David creates the final product that our listeners get to enjoy.  He creates the format, sets up the outline and records the show.  After the recording, he edits the recorded audio to make sure that everything sounds right and fits together smoothly.  He then equalizes the audio so it is ready to be uploaded to the blog site and iTunes site. David then promotes the podcast onto TerraCycle’s social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

David Simons- Digital Media Manager
David Simons- Digital Media Manager

The host of the TerraCycle’s podcast, Albe Zakes, says doing interviews with different companies helps promotes TerraCycle and provide value to our brand partners.  These podcasts get posted to numerous social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in order to get the maximum amount of exposure. Albe also explained that any type of digital media such as blogs, vlogs, podcasts and social networking is a great way to get maximum exposure for minimum cost because the content gets shared and spread organically.

Albe Zakes- Global VP of Media
Albe Zakes- Global VP of Media

The podcast started in July 2011 as another way to help educate and engage TerraCycle followers.  The podcast is most popular with the TerraCycle Brigade members because they know the most about the company and stand to gain the most from news updates. David said that the podcast helps the company by giving the listeners and even TerraCycle employees a more detailed look at how the company works. Traffic for the podcast is higher on the website than iTunes, mainly because people who know about TerraCycle go directly to our website for information on the company.

Podcast guests may be employees, Brigade members, brand partners or outside guests.  Often, people we interview share our passion for the environment and/or recycling.  The podcast with the most hits on the TerraCycle website featured Julia Veli.  She is a fashion designer who makes art and clothing lines from waste.

The podcast is a way for members of the TerraCycle Brigade programs or the public to stay updated on what is going on in the company and to see who else is getting involved.

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