TerraCycle is very excited to be working with one of its largest and longest-standing partners, Malt-O-Meal Cereals. Malt-O-Meal is a company that has reduced its packaging by 75% through its Bag the Box campaign. Bag the Box, a concept that simplified cereal packaging by losing the unneeded cardboard box and simply using a bag, has saved trillions of BTUs of energy, countless tons of fuel and hundreds of millions of pounds of waste since 2001.

This waste-reducing concept made Malt-O-Meal and TerraCycle’s partnership a case of “eco-love at first sight!” The partnership created the Cereal Bag Brigade, which has since collected over 337,000 units and counting. Thus Malt-O-Meal is utilizing all 3 of the Environmental “R’s” – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Like TerraCycle, Malt-O-Meal knows its way around managing waste and we have enjoyed working with them for so many years. We like thinking, talking and living green and that is why from now until November 2nd, the Malt-O-Meal Facebook page is hosting an ongoing chat with our team members here at TerraCycle to give you our expert advice on any sustainable questions you have!

Whether you have a burning question about what to do with an item you don’t want to trash, but don’t know what to do with, you’re curious about environmental waste issues, you’re looking for sustainable living tips, or you’re just there to have an eco-friendly chat, the TerraCycle Team is available for whatever your needs are for the next two weeks.

We have become a go-to resource for recycling, upcycling and managing waste – both the ordinary and the hard-to-dispose-of varieties, and we are here to share our wisdom with you. We’re passionate about creating an open exchange of sustainability ideas, and we know you are too. So join us, get involved and click here to post your questions or follow our chats!

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