Jenny Baleme is one of TerraCycle’s outstanding Brigade participants. She has been recycling with TerraCycle for about 13 months and loves it! She enjoys being educated on recycling and upcycling and then passing on that education to make a change in her community.

She became a Brigade participant to raise money for her local Redway Elementary School and its Afterschool Program where her roommate is a team leader and Jenny volunteers. During Summer 2011 the two women were discussing how they were in need of funds for the program and needed supplies for the kids including snacks and crafts.

When Jenny started to look for fundraising ideas she searched ways to recycle inkjet cartridges and cell phones since she heard schools could make money that way. She had also heard about how some schools were making money off of recycling drink pouches. She did another search and found that TerraCycle offered programs for all three of the products she wanted to recycle.

All the money that Jenny has raised has gone to Redway Elementary and the Afterschool Program. The money has been used to help provide snacks and school and office supplies.

Jenny’s favorite part of working with TerraCycle is that it got her so involved with recycling and upcycling and has educated her on how little is recycled nationwide.She has become a little bit of a recycling fanatic! She will pull over on the side of the road to pick up cans, bottles, juice pouches, or anything else that can bew sent to TerraCycle. She goes through the trash at high school football games to collect chip bags and candy wrappers.

As is Jenny isn’t busy enough, in addition to her work with TerraCycle, she also runs JB Inspirations Bath and Body. She makes natural soaps and lotions that are beneficial for your skin. She uses recyclable packaging to make sure her business’s impact on the environment is as little as can be!

Jenny is a motivated TerraCycle Brigade participant who stays motivated by educating herself and than others on topics such as helping the environment, making cool products, or helping kids to learn to read. TerraCycle loves having people like Jenny help spread the recycling message!

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