Here at TerraCycle, we believe everyone can help make a difference in working towards a waste-free world. As the global leader in the collection and reuse of non-recyclable post-consumer waste, we strive on a daily basis to make this planet a more environmentally-friendly place. “Going green” has become a fairly popular term, but with this idea can unfortunately come some pretty heavy stigmas about the cause and its supporters. Too often we see pro-environmentalism being pushed with “doom and gloom” type messaging behind it. While the threats of global warming and pollution are certainly very pressing and serious, focusing exclusively on these aspects of the environmental cause as motivators for going green is not the best strategy for gaining followers. Fear tactics can isolate and intimidate would-be activists of the cause.

We at TerraCycle believe we should instead inspire and engage consumers into becoming supporters. This position is especially beneficial when working with young children. While TerraCycle’s Brigade programs span various organization types and age groups, without a doubt some of our largest contributions come from school-based Brigade participants. The members of elementary school Brigade programs are some of the youngest activists this world has to offer, and we are lucky to have them be not only such enthusiastic collectors for TerraCycle but also passionate supporters of the environment in general. By supporting these young collectors’ positive attitudes towards going green, we hope to reinforce beneficial behaviors and develop them into life-long environmentalists. TerraCycle works to keep these Brigade members engaged by getting them involved in creative, fun contests in a strategy recently coined “gamification.” By consistently engaging our consumers, we instill within them positive practices and habits, and make going green fun!

There are several contest opportunities for Brigades to become involved in just this month alone:

Dropps Recycling Rewards

All participants who send in a shipment of Dropps Laundry pouches will earn Dropps products, and the top collectors will win a tote and product.

Prize for the Pouch

The first 100 participants to send in 100 pieces of baby food pouch waste will win a prize pack.

Cereal Bag Recycling Rewards

All shipments containing over 7 lbs of MOM brands cereal bags and cereal bag liners will earn you an upcycled lunch bag.

Lunch Kit Regional Rally

The top collectors of Lunchables lunch kits in each state will be awarded monthly, and the top collectors in each region will be rewarded at the end of the contest.


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