Do you find it hard to recycle in the bathroom? Our two most recent guests on our podcast, “Talking Trash with TerraCycle”, had this problem in their very own home.  It started with a simple dispute between husband and wife Jeff and Liz Helfrich. Jeff knew recycling was the right thing to do but with many empty bottles and used toiletries piling up in the bathroom, he was bothered by this and would throw them in the trash anyway simply for convenience. But don’t worry, they found a perfect solution for their household dilemma that can be useful for anyone.

The husband and wife team Jeff and Liz Helfrich are entrepreneurs who recently came up with the Solecan™.  This product is a small single unit of trash and recycling combo in one can that can easily snap together and snap apart.  It looks similar to a small trashcan that many people have in their own bathrooms, dorms, and offices but with the ability to separate so one side can be poured into a bigger trash can and the other can be poured into a bigger recycling bin. This two in one tool makes recycling very convenient and reduces the risk of recyclables ending up in landfills.

The Solecan™ is available in four different color combos and is made out of recycled plastic. It can now be pre-ordered on Kickstarter and pledged until April 22nd, which appropriately enough, is Earth Day. Eventually the Solecan™ will be shipped through Amazon for customers. If you are interested in this product you can visit the Solecan website at or better yet, you can listen in on the podcast and hear the full story of how this eco couple made a few sketches on a cocktail napkin into as they said, “Marital bliss!”

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