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TerraCycle recently partnered with to create a fashionable yet eco-friendly line of laptop bags. The You’ve Got Mail Bag not only represents one’s unique fashion sense, but also the desire to better the environment. The You’ve Got Mail Bag combines decommissioned USPS mailbags with seatbelt straps and buckles pulled from old vehicles. Although upcycled, these durable and highly functional materials offer rugged, long-lasting practicality. Each and every bad is unique, no two You’ve Got Mail Bags are alike.

Not only do these bags have an extreme environmental impact on reducing landfill waste and carbon emissions, they also have a major social effect! You’ve Got Mail Bags are produced in the United States, which extends the local job creation and eliminated offshore production, which has causes massive job loss and increased carbon footprint. Each handmade bag fights outsourcing by employing US artisans who receive fair compensation for their time and talents. You can support this project with confidence, knowing that your purchase fuels a local sustainable economic system.

But we need YOUR help! TerraCycle and Hearts are running a Kickstarter funding campaign. You can help support the creation of this sustainable products and the responsible manufacturing process to be connected right here in the US. So if you ever said more products should be ‘Made in America’ now is your chance to help make that happen. Plus if you pledge, will provide awesome gifts or discounts. Learn more or get involved here:

This multifunctional bag is sized (15”L x 11”H 1”D) to be used as a laptop bag, a file carrier, or a student portfolio. It’s designed with one main compartment (which is softly cushioned and zips shut to protect your treasured possessions) and two small pockets. The medium-sized zippered pocket (10” x 8”) is perfect for your iPod, wallet, or cell phone. The smaller zippered pocket (4” x 5.5”) can be used for a thumb drive, lip-gloss, or headphones. For easy carrying, the You’ve Got Mail Bag comes with double handles at the top, or simply connect the longer, adjustable seat belt strap to sling it over your shoulder. As a finishing touch, each bag features graphics from the original mailbag for a true first class look.

TerraCycle was pleased to have Michelle Gerster and Tera Workman from on a episode of our podcast Talking Trash with TerraCycle you can download this and all episode of our podcast at iTunes.


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