TerraCycle is proud to announce the GoEco! Ultimate Eco-Fundraiser™. This exciting joint venture will build upon the already great educational and fiscal benefits of the TerraCycle program by allowing Brigade members to reap benefits from the sale of the up-cycled products their waste contributions helped create.

Through the traditional Brigade model, TerraCycle collectors receive points for each eligible item sent in which can then be redeemed for charitable gifts or cash donations for their school or a non-profit organization of their choice. TerraCycle’s new partnership with GoEco! will give a Brigade the chance to raise additional funds through promoting the sale of TerraCycle products on the company’s exclusive online distributor DwellSmart. A Brigade that signs up with GoEco! will be given a unique code to distribute among family, friends, and other supporters. When a TerraCycle item is purchased online using the code, 15 percent of the purchase price is credited to the school or organization.  Additionally, shoppers who use a GoEco! code will receive a five percent discount on all items, including the non-TerraCycle products offered on DwellSmart.

This exciting new partnership will not only provide a Brigade with another way to raise funds for its school or non-profit organization, but also an opportunity to build upon knowledge of recycling and resource conservation. Many schools have established successful programs which boast many students actively participating in the collection, sorting, and shipping of waste to TerraCycle. They provide the materials necessary to create TerraCycle products while teaching their members invaluable lessons about the need to keep waste out of landfills.

The EcoGo! Ultimate Eco-Fundraiser™ will also give students an invaluable lesson in entrepreneurship. TerraCycle is a company founded on innovative and altruistic ideas, and we hope to instill these same values in the students involved in our Brigade programs. By promoting products they had a hand in creating, students will learn about the importance of persistence and work ethic.

Like the TerraCycle Brigade programs, the EcoGo! Ultimate Eco-Fundraiser will be available year-round, offering constant opportunities for participation and profit. Online distributor DwellSmart is open for purchases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making orders simple and earning potential for Brigades limitless.  Explore the program, and DwellSmart’s wide variety of eco-friendly products, today! http://www.dwellsmart.com/GoEcoInfo


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