Written by: Emma Swanson

One of the most popular new social media sites that has captivated the attention of the internet-loving population is Pinterest. For those who are unfamiliar with the site, it is a place where users can collect and organize ‘pins’ of pictures, tips, quotes, recipes or anything else that they find on the internet into category boards. One category that has received a lot of attention from users is “Do-It-Yourself.” Many of the DIY boards focus on upcycling old materials into new, useful products and align closely with TerraCycle’s focus.

The DIY category of Pinterest has given rise to the popularity of personal upcycling and the trend is growing. Old junk is being transformed into decorative art, storage containers, Halloween costumes and much more by Pinterest users everywhere.

TerraCycle encourages its followers to take a crack at some of the DIY projects on our Pinterest account to create new treasures out of some of their attic-dwelling nick nacks. TerraCycle’s goal is to eliminate the idea of waste, and these DIY projects, that are so prominent on Pinterest, provide users with innovative ways to work toward that goal in their own lives.

One example of a great repurposing project is turning old T-shirts into reusable grocery bags. Not only do DIY-ers find a use for those old t-shirts that crowd their drawers, but they also create a great alternative to using plastic grocery bags.

The cute and clever coin purses pictured below serve as a creative way to repurpose orange juice or milk cartons. These little upcycled pouches keep cartons out of the landfill and can be used as personalized gifts!

Carton Upcycling

These DIY projects and many more upcycling ideas can be found on TerraCycle’s Pinterest page HERE. Repurposing items that would otherwise be occupying a landfill is a great way for everyone to work toward the goal of eliminating the idea of waste.

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