Written by: Caroline Sandberg

Its Friday again and you know what that means! It’s time for another TGI…DIY project where you can use your love of crafts to help the environment!

This week the project is making a woven bracelet out of your used food wrappers. By lining up the colors, as shown in the instructions, you can make a colorful and stylish bracelet.


A PDF with these instructions and pictures for making the bracelet will be posted to TerraCycle’s Facebook page and a video tutorial will be posted to TerraCycle’s YouTube channel.  Links to a tutorial and PDF will also be available on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

This DIY project is perfect to make fun, colorful, and eco-friendly accessories by yourself or with your kids. You don’t even have to buy anything to create this accessory; everything you need is right at home.

The tutorial is there to help you get started, but you don’t have to follow it if you don’t want to.  If you want to make a bracelet out of a different kind of wrapper, instead of Lunchables wrappers, go for it! If you want to make a necklace instead of a bracelet, go all out! Have fun and be creative.

When you’re done, show off your creation to others and hopefully they will join in making the next TGI…DYI project.

Download the Step by step instructions here!

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