It’s TGI…DIY day again folks!

This Friday’s project repurposes empty Nespresso capsules to make stylish and versatile bracelets. These bracelets are a great way show off your upcycled style and DIY skills. They’re the perfect accessory for proud coffee lovers and are  easy and fun to make! Once you see how great the first bracelet turns out, you’ll be forever saving your Nesspresso capsules to make more!


Make yourself a few different coffee capsule bracelets or give them to friends and family as gifts. All you need is 10-12 empty Nespresso capsules and some elastic cord. You can download a PDF from the TerraCycle website for a step by step tutorial. For those visual learners out there, an instructional video can be found on TerraCycle’s YouTube channel as well.

You can decide whether to use all the same color capsules or to mix it up and make some funky multicolored bracelets! And if you’re feeling especially creative, add beads between each capsule for some extra color and pizazz. Make sure to take pictures of your creations to post to TerraCycle’s Facebook or to Tweet at us!

If you love coffee, TerraCycle and our goal of eliminating the idea of waste, this is the perfect project for you! Keep those coffee capsules out of the landfill and make yourself a new piece of bling with this week’s TGI…DIY.

Be sure to check back again next Friday with a brand new DIY project to try out using your everyday waste! Download the PDF here.

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