Every household has a collection of dry pens and markers that haven’t found their way to the trash yet. But that trash might not be the best place to put your used pens when you can wear them around your wrist. Yes, your wrist!

For this week’s TGI…DIY, TerraCycle’s going to show you how to make a fashionable bracelet out of pen caps. Your friends will “Ooh” and “Ahh” about your ability to take what used to be junk and turn it into an original creation.


A simple and crafty project that requires about 15 to 20 pen caps and a good chunk of elastic cord. Using these supplies along with a measuring tape, scissors, and a pen you can create a unique piece of jewelry.

After getting everything together you can use the step-by-step PDF tutorial located on TerraCycle’s website or you can view an instructional video on our YouTube channel. Using our instructions can help you create an upcycled item that’s great with any outfit. With the myriad of pen caps to choose from you can mix and match different colors to create bracelets for friends and family. This fun upcycling activity is a great way to spend your weekend and more importantly redirects the waste from landfills. For more ways to upcycle waste around your house and reduce your impact on the environment check back next week for another TGI…DIY project from TerraCycle!

Watch the DIY Here!

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