Hold onto your hats, because Friday is here and that means another TGI…DIY project!

What does a boring old house lamp have in common with those old and used pens in your desk and junk drawer? Why, an awesome upcycled, eco-friendly lampshade, of course!

TerraCycle  Faber Castel Light Shade

Today we’ll show how you can turn those old pens into this unique piece of décor! These upcycled lampshades make sweet gifts and look great in dorms, living rooms, common areas, and office spaces. You can even use different types of pens and writing instruments to change up the design and colors! Not only does it look cool, but it really helps “shine light” on TerraCycle’s efforts to eliminate the idea of waste.

Eager to build one now to make your friends cry with envy? Downloading the instructional PDF from the TerraCycle website will get you on your way to lighting up an upcycled wonderland in your own home or room. You can also go to TerraCycle’s YouTube channel to watch an instructional video and to find videos of other fun DIY projects. Be sure to post a picture of your finished DIY lampshade to the TerraCycle Facebook and Twitter pages, and come back next week to see what new DIY projects we have in store for you. Download the DIY lampshade PDF here.

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