You know you can recycle your empty drink pouches with TerraCycle, but did you know you can upcycle them, too?  This week’s TGI…DIY shows you how to turn a used drink pouch into a stylish upcycled wallet.


All you need is a pair of scissors, a ruler, a marker, a piece of Velcro, and an empty drink pouch.  After you make the wallet you can customize it any way you want by decorating it with the marker and using the scissors to create fringe along the flap.  You can also make the wallets using different types of drink pouches, so you can have one that will match every outfit!

This is a great project not only for seasoned DIY pros, but also for beginners because it’s so simple to do.  It’s also a good project to do with your kids.  What fun first wallet for them to have!  This wallet would be the perfect gift for someone who loves the environment and homemade gifts.

You can download the PDF from TerraCycle’s website or you can go to YouTube to watch the tutorial.  When you’re finished, you can post your unique creation to TerraCycle’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Watch the entire step by step process of this DIY.

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