A chandelier made out of shampoo bottles?  Why not!  It’s T.G.I…D.I.Y after all and anything’s possible when our design junkies go to work.

This Garnier Light Fixture is the perfect project to shine light on recycling in your home or office!  It is a fast, easy way to upcycle lots of shampoo bottles and create a functional fixture at the same time.


You will need 20-40 shampoo bottles, an electric drill, 1/8th inch drill bit, a thumb tack, a pair of scissors, wire cutter, a strand of holiday lights, 20-40 small zip ties, 3 large zip ties, and a permanent marker.

Each of the 20-40 shampoo bottles you use has room for about five holiday lights so your light fixture will be shining brightly in no time!

You can go to TerraCycle’s YouTube channel to watch an instructional video made with Tiffany Threadgould, our Chief Design Junkie.  Go to our website or download the step by step PDF.Once your light fixture is finished, please post photos to our Facebook and Twitter pages.  We’ll see you next Friday for more D.I.Y!

Watch the step by step video

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