Did you know the average person throws away 1,400 pounds of trash every year?  That’s why picking is so great, because you are repurposing and finding new life for old stuff!  TerraCycle has partnered with American Pickers, CAPRI SUN, and Walmart in a contest called Picking to Win with CAPRI SUN Big Pouch.  Remember that great pickers can find treasure anywhere!


The contest is fun and it’s easy to participate.  Pickers start by grabbing a bag, such as a TerraCycle messenger bag made out of recycled CAPRI SUN pouches and fill it with your picking tools.  Don’t forget to toss in a CAPRI SUN Big Pouch from Walmart to keep you hydrated!  Then you are ready to start picking. Great places to look include a relative’s barn, attic, garage, thrift store, or yard sale.  Always pick with a friend or in a group.  Once you’ve found the mega pick, try to find out as much history as you can about the pick at your local library or online.  Use your pick to customize your crib because a cool vintage style helps you stand out from the crowd!

For more information, visit see walmart.com/summercreations.  Enter to win a kit stuffed full of great kid picker gear.  Here’s what you’re gonna get: a recycled CAPRI SUN messenger bag from TerraCycle filled with three CAPRI SUN Big Pouch drinks, work gloves, flashlight, bandanna notebook, pen, magnifier glass, and a Kid Picker’s by Mike Wolfe!  Plus, one lucky winner will win a trip for 4 to Nashville to go picking with Mike.  Don’t forget to consider sending your used drink pouches to TerraCycle, who collects over a million pouches a week. Just like any good picker, TerraCycle re-purposes the drink pouches into things like backpacks, playgrounds, and picnic tables. The ideas are endless!

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