Have you ever considered making a coin purse from used food pouches?  Probably not, but with the help of TerraCycle’s design junkies it becomes an easy, eco-friendly craft.  Simply gather several everyday items (scissors, pen, ruler, masking tape, a sewing machine, thread, a zipper at least the width of the pouch) and follow the instructions of our Design Junkie, Lori.  It’ll only take a few minutes to transform something you would normally discard.


The idea is simple enough for a household, classroom, or child’s birthday party, and the result is an upcycled twist on an ordinary product.  What we once threw in the garbage can now be used as a sensible, usable item.

This practical coin purse assembled from “trash” is a tangible reminder of our individual ability to reduce the ever-increasing amount of waste.  As you’ll see in the video, Lori says once you start to make more and more upcycled items, you can experiment with creating your own designs. Thus, this basic, quick craft is both environmentally friendly and artistically expressive.  Incorporate your own artistic skill to add a personal touch.

Once completed, feel free to post pictures of your personalized coin purse on our Facebook and Twitter page.  Also, TerraCycle’s Youtube page features a variety of DIY ideas including hand-crafted wallets and gift bows fashioned from food packaging.  Check back next Friday for another one-of-a-kind DIY project!

Watch the instructional video

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