Clean up the environment as well as your bathroom countertop with this week’s quick and easy TGI…DIY!

Struggling to squeeze the last tiny drop out of an old toothpaste tube whose time has come? Instead of throwing them out, try upcycling your empty toothpaste tubes into a stylish and helpful toothbrush holder!


You’ll just need five empty toothpaste tubes, your favorite color of ribbon or lanyard string, a hole-punch, a ruler, a marker, and some scissors.

This quick and fun project is great for keeping your bathroom essentials separate and organized. Plus, you’ll never have to experience the horrors of unintentionally sharing a toothbrush with a roommate or family member.

You can download the instructions from TerraCycle’s website, or watch the step-by-step guide with Tiffany Threadgould, our Chief Design Junkie, on TerraCycle’s YouTube Channel. Go to TerraCycle’s Facebook and Twitter pages to show off your newest DIY projects.

You can also send in the rest of your toothbrushes, toothpastes tubes and caps, floss containers, and packaging to the Colgate Oral Care Brigade, and give them new life as upcycled products! Remember, every piece of product or packaging that gets upcycled or recycled, is one less scrap of waste in a landfill. If we can all find a way to make a small contribution, then TerraCycle can make a big difference in keeping our planet clean and healthy!

See you next week for the newest TGI…DIY project!

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