It’s football season! You know what that means: snack’n time!

Eaten by the handful, snacks are commonly eaten by sports fans during the games. Unfortunately, lots of snacking means lots of stacking in the landfill. With this week’s TGI…DIY, you can cut down on that waste, while spicing up your usual game-day spread. Thankfully companies like Bear Naked consider the destination of their packaging.

Bear Naked packaging is recyclable with TerraCycle, and their snacks are not only healthy for you, but healthy for the environment!

To make this DIY snack bowl, all you need is a ruler, permanent marker, scissors, Velcro dots, roll of tape, and Bare Naked packaging. Download the PDF instructions on our website. In a matter of minutes, you can make a fun new way to display snacks. Just watch our step-by-step video HERE and get to DIYing!


Be sure to take pictures of your snack bowl in action: our Facebook and Twitter would love to see it!

Posted by:TerraCycle

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