A number of celebrity activists have taken green living to heart, practicing a sustainable lifestyle in their own homes and around the world. The following celebrities are only a few of the green carpet celebrities who are genuinely passionate about the cause and have extended this passion into a business.

This celebrity drives a car that runs on biodiesel, buys carbon offset credits whenever she travels, and has been arrested on multiple occasions for her green efforts. Can you guess this celebrity activist? If you guessed Daryl Hannah, you are correct. Hannah’s dedication to sustainability stretches beyond her protests as she lives green on a daily basis. Using nontoxic, recycled materials, Hannah restored an old building into her home. Check out her blog DH Love Life, for Hannah’s web show, which focuses on different green lifestyles and discoveries and an array of healthy, green products, news, alerts, and green tips.

Through his non-profit the Kokua Hawai’i Foundation, Jack Johnson, is dedicated to educating schools and communities in Hawaii about environmental issues. Johnson’s environmentally friendly recording studio in Los Angeles boasts recycled shingles, rooftop solar panels, recycled denim insulation, natural light, and reused furniture. Johnson and his crew are taking steps to minimize the environmental impact of their concert tours. The tours offer eco-friendly merchandise, sustainable local food options, plastic free initiatives, water refill stations, and carbon offset stickers. Support Johnson and his green tour efforts while enjoying a night of light, cheerful tunes.

A longtime vegetarian and animal-rights activist, Natalie Portman has focused her attention to green fashion efforts. Portman designed and launched a line of vegan shoes made of alternative materials for Te Casan. The brand offers a great selection without compromising quality or style. All profits from Portman’s shoes are donated to various environmental organizations.

Being “green conscious” has become a cause enveloped by stars; however, leading sustainable lives is not just for actors.  While some stars have taken environmental advocacy to the next level by adding their name and influence to create companies, we can support their green initiatives and or do our part for the environment in big or small ways. Starting with little changes in our daily lives to save water, save energy, and or reduce waste can amount to a big difference and may even inspire you to do more!


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