By: Ashlyn

How many things do you think an Elmer’s glue bottle is useful for besides holding glue? You probably thought not much, right? Think again! After receiving many great entries for our Eco Product Design contest, 9-year old Ashlyn Howell’s project was chosen as the winner.

This 4th grade student from Del Sur Elementary School in San Diego made a hydroponic garden using an empty Elmer’s glue bottle and a shoelace! Not only was Ashlyn smart in upcycling the glue bottle, but the hydroponic aspect of her project allows more plants to grow faster and larger, and in much less space. Ashlyn’s project was turned into an official DIY and included on the TerraCycle website so more people can try it out.  With winter approaching, why not start an herb garden inside?

This great project requires adult supervision, so it would be a lot of fun to do as a parent/child team!  Get your kids on the right track to going green by rethinking supplies that you already have around the house.

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