It’s time for another holiday-themed TGI…DIY!

This week, a member of our Design Junkies team will help you put a cool eco-friendly twist on a classic-style “woven star” ornament.


All you need is one empty drink pouch for each ornament you plan to make, along with some basic craft supplies. This shiny star can be part of a unique centerpiece, hung on your tree or a colorful accessory to anyone’s holiday gift.

You can Download the Instructions and watch the step-by-step guide on TerraCycle’s YouTube Channel.

Kids will love turning their favorite color of drink pouch into a hand-made star, while craft experts can start with our tutorial and then try using more drink pouches to create their own unique shapes and patterns.

Have an upcycled decoration that you’re proud of? Share your creativity with us on TerraCycle’s Facebook and Twitter pages!

Besides holiday ornaments, drink pouches can also be upcycled into other eco-friendly holiday items like stockings and tree skirts, as well as unique TerraCycle products like upcycled bags, cases, and school supplies. Check out the Drink Pouch Brigade and find out how you can help create cool products, earn money for schools and charities, and keep the environment clean!

Next week is another TGI…DIY that will help you prepare for the holidays. We’ll see you then- same time, same blog!

Watch the DIY video!

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