What do toothpaste and Christmas have in common?  Nothing, until now.  We’ll help you put a seasonal spin on an upcycled product made from materials that are typically discarded.

Everyone loves outside-the-box ideas, but with this project, the box is the idea.  This next DIY activity demonstrates how to turn an ordinary toothpaste tube box into a holiday gift idea.


With the help of our Design Junkie’s, you’ll learn how a box of Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, a pair of scissors, roll of tape, pen or pencil, butter knife, and ruler can become a cute gift box.  A few scissor cuts and tracing along the downloadable PDF from the TerraCycle website, and the task is complete.  Twist the resulting product into a gift box with a bow and it becomes a canvas on which to experiment with your creative skills.

This quick and easy craft arrives just in time for the holiday season and will surely be the most inexpensive way to impress coworkers, friends, and family.

Once completed, don’t hesitate to post pictures of your stylized gift box on our Facebook and Twitter page.

Also, TerraCycle’s YouTube page, the source of this video, features a number of assorted DIY activities that will be sure to inspire your environmental side.  Check back next Friday for another eco-friendly DIY project!

Watch the DIY video
Download the instructional PDF

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