Written by: Erica Rodriguez

Finally, the moment many of us tired, overworked college kids have been waiting for: spring break. For many, their spring break is a time to relax and unwind from the regular work week by doing absolutely nothing. How about we change it up a bit? Instead of waking up at 2 p.m. and watching an entire TV show series in one day, how about we get up and start something in our communities. Let’s have a Green Spring Break!


Recently, I had a weekend off and I decided to go home for a few days. It was a great time being at home with my family and it was also a revealing experience as to how much potential I have to make a difference in my community. Walking down the street of a main road in my town I realized how very unclean the streets were. I was appalled by the amount of waste that covered the sidewalks. With a closer look I saw that cigarette butts were one of the main sources of litter. Immediately what came to my mind was TerraCycle’s very own Cigarette Waste Brigade® and how my town would benefit greatly from partnering with TerraCycle and this recycling program.

I decided that during my upcoming spring break I would draft a proposal that I would present to the few environmental organizations, City Council, and Department of Education in my town to perhaps gain some support in starting this Go Green initiative.  This is something you can do, too!

Instead of sitting around at home during your spring break, get outside and take a closer look. Maybe you’ll see something you think you can change or maybe you’ll find your town has a great way of handling waste. If so, consider writing a letter to the Department of Public Works expressing your appreciation and congratulations on a job well done. Whatever you do, remember that you have the potential to make a real difference wherever you go, you just have to get up and do it!


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