Written by: Melissa Nguyen

Working at TerraCycle has been both inspiring and educational. I honestly had no idea there were so many ways to recycle old waste products.

At first, when I applied to be a Public Relations & Marketing Intern, I did not think I’d be learning much about the environment. I was expecting to write, send emails, and research just like any other marketer and public relations person. However, after just one month of being here, I realized that TerraCycle is a lot more than that.

The company’s PR Department is super welcoming and energized. They work hard to get out the message of how people can recycle, help the planet, and earn money for charity while doing it. I already feel that I am 100 times more environmentally friendly just by being in this workplace.
I get to see my coworkers think of ways to better this world and it’s highly motivational. Seeing them work on DIY projects definitely drives me to be “greener” too. Even changing one little thing in my daily routine can change the whole world.

To start, I’ve been reaching out to others and teaching them about TerraCycle and promoting the elimination of waste. I also get to see who really cares about being green. I’m happy to know that a lot of schools and organizations are finally realizing how little we need to do to make a huge difference for our environment.

Here’s How My Internship Has Changed My Daily Routine For The Better:

  • Shop with a tote bag instead of plastic bags
  • Don’t idle my car
  • Share the news that cigarette butts can now be recycled
  • Create new ways of upcycling waste (DIY Projects)
  • Notice different bins for different recycled waste
  • Use fewer plastic utensils
  • Use old mason jars as cups
  • Bought a faucet filter to reduce the usage of plastic water bottles
  • Recycle items I didn’t think were recyclable
  • Gained knowledge about the Brigade programs and how I can participate to help a charity and the environment

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