We show you a lot of DIYs at TerraCycle, but a brother-sister team from Floral Park, New York took home crafting to a new level. While participating in a scarecrow-building contest at their local farm, the siblings decided to use Capri Sun drink pouches to create their entry, which ended up winning first place.

Entries were judged on the creative use of recycled materials and while most contestants used empty bottles and old clothing, the children were inspired by the Capri Sun upcycled book bags and pencil cases from TerraCycle. So, they decided to craft their scarecrow’s body out of drink pouches. They were able to easily work with the empty pouches and mold them around a wooden post to create the body and arms of the scarecrow.


With the first place award came a $100 check. Instead of keeping the money, the brother and sister decided to donate the money back to the farm to help the animals receive necessary food and supplies.

The children are also participants in TerraCycle’s Drink Pouch Brigade program which they got involved with to recycle their Capri Sun drink pouches and help the environment.

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