Written by: Casey Weaver

Barbeques and cookouts are a popular tradition every summer, especially for the Fourth of July. This year, impress your guests with an environmentally-friendly barbeque thanks to TerraCycle. From eco-friendly products to a recycling method once the party is over, TerraCycle has everything you need to add some green to your red white and blue festivities.

Grass USAOne of the most important aspects of a cookout is a well-kept lawn. Since everyone will be eating and playing outside, you will need to make sure your lawn is in tip-top shape. TerraCycle’s Lawn Fertilizer, made from our signature worm poop and bottled in reused 1-liter bottles, will help your lawn look its best.

Whether your party is big or small, everyone needs to be able to sit and relax. TerraCycle makes a 100% recycled plastic hexagonal picnic table that can be used as the ‘adults table’. For the kids, TerraCycle also sells a children’s picnic table made from recycled waste.  To set these tables for dinner time, you can use drink coasters made from upcycled circuit boards.

Once the sun goes down, everyone can sit around a blazing bonfire created by TerraCycle’s eco-friendly fire starters, which are packaged in used soda bottles.
The unfortunate downside of hosting a great cookout is the great mess you are left with. To make next-day cleaning up easier, recycle some of your waste through TerraCycle’s Brigade programs! Recycle your used drink pouches and red Solo cups after everyone quenches their thirst, cheese package wrappers after all the cheeseburgers are cooked, and your chip bags after everyone’s stomachs are full. For those 21 and older, empty wine boxes can be recycled through our Naked Grape Wine Box Brigade. All these products can be collected throughout the party using TerraCycle’s recycled green waste bin made from 100% recycled plastic.

Another way to make cleaning up easier is with TerraCycle’s extensive line of cleaning products. Our All-Purpose Cleaner can handle any mess you have. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, hypo-allergenic and safe for all surfaces.

To find any of the products mentioned above, visit our shop on DwellSmart. You can also find a list of our Brigade programs online.

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