Summer means spending time in the sunshine and heat—and hopefully there’s a breeze! These are perfect for kids in the summertime. Make the front or backyard a little more colorful and fun this summer with Malt-O-Meal Pinwheels!


Use this tutorial to put a new spin on a classic pinwheel with an upcycled cereal bag! All you will need to make this are:

  • 1 clean cereal bag
  • 1 drinking straw
  • 1 earring post
  • 1 rubbing earring back
  • 1 metal earring back
  • Pinwheel template (see template on page 3 of this This PDF)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Thumbtack or needle

Let’s get started! First print and cut out the template. Then open up your cereal bag and place it on a flat surface. Tape your template onto the cereal bag. Next, cut out the square and along the dotted lines. Use the thumbtack to poke holes at the center and marked corner holes. You can remove the template at this point. Take the earring post and insert it into the corners one at a time, turning them so that all the corners meet in the center. Then insert the post through the center of the square. Secure the pinwheel onto the earring post with the rubber earring back. Lastly, use the thumbtack to poke a hole near one end of the straw, and push the pinwheel and earring post through. Use the earring back to secure the pinwheel onto the straw. You’re done! Now go outside and have fun with your pinwheels!

Dont’ forget to check out our Malt-O-Meal Brigade programs!

One thought on “T.G.I….D.I.Y. Pinwheel

  1. This is great, I love to receive these e-mails and read them, of course; yet again, why invite the reader to check out a brigade at a time when that brigade has no open slots?  Such e-mail gets readers interested in a brigade, only to frustrate them when they click on the brigade’s link and find out right away that they can NOT take part.

    Jean Aragon

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