TerraCycle Inc. is not exactly what corporate America would call a normal, everyday workplace environment. Our unique office space of this green scene is choc full of upcycled and graffiti-ed furniture, artwork, and even work pods that go hand and hand with our incredibly diverse, quirky, and occasionally nutty group of 120 employees that call this place home. But just because the crew over here at TerraCycle knows how to have a good time around the office, it never stops us from doing what we care about most–eliminating the idea of waste.

We decided it would be neat to give you a sneak peek at what really goes on in this brilliantly creative, passionate, and wacky workspace. Every Friday night at 10pm ET/PT on Pivot, TerraCycle gets another chance to show America who we really are on our new television show “Human Resources”. So grab your soy latte, green drink, or organic kale chips and gather ‘round the TV; we guarantee you a good laugh and some real insight into the green world. Additionally here are some great videos below that you can craft while you watch.

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