We at TerraCycle are pleased to announce a partnership with Dish Magazine, an online magazine for the enjoyment of women of all ages!  We are aligning our efforts to make the world a gentler, cleaner, and more livable place through Dish Magazine’s column Greenovation: Featuring TerraCycle.

September Issue of Dish Magazine
September Issue of Dish Magazine

We are delighted at the opportunity to further our mission to eliminate the idea of waste.  You, the readers of our TerraCycle blog posts and Dish Magazine articles, are the next great social entrepreneurs, and it thrills us to be able to spread the idea that we are all stewards of sustainability, and what we use to consider “trash” can now be reused.  We hope that Greenovation can be an outlet for new green ideas readers of Dish Magazine will enjoy.  The column will encompass new easy green initiatives to use in your daily life, Do-It-Yourself upcycling projects you can create in your own home, and insights from up-and-comers in the world of sustainability and eco-issues.

We hope to empower you, as the next eco-activists and conscious consumers, into making adjustments to your own attitudes and behaviors that can contribute to returning this world to its purer state, and get you thinking, “what is waste, anyway?” because what we use to think of as “waste” is changing rapidly.


Please take a moment to read what Tom Szaky has to say about his thoughts on “garbage” in the first installment of Greenovation: Featuring TerraCycle.

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