“Human Resources: Smells Like Success”

Have you seen TerraCycle’s reality show, “Human Resources”, yet? Airing Fridays at 10pm EST on Pivot TV, our show gives the viewer a look into the most inventive upcycling company the industry has seen as we establish our efforts to 22 countries overseas.


One of those countries is Canada, featured in the next episode of Human Resources airing Friday, September 19th. We have landed a partnership with the popular household odor eliminator, Febreze, in order to create our first air-care brigade! To establish this cooperation, Tom and two employees take a trip to Tom’s hometown of Toronto, Canada to the TerraCycle Canada’s headquarters in order to meet with Febreze representatives.

In the short period of 48 hours, the trio must establish as many public relations regarding the Air-Care Brigade as possible, most important being with Canada’s popular newspaper, Globe and Mail. In addition, the team travels the streets of Toronto attaining as many sign ups to the brigade program as possible.

Back at the Trenton headquarters, employees attempt to give one worker a leap into the dating scene by setting him up with an online dating website. Soon enough, he lands his first match, and his coworkers give him a crash course in impressing his date.

I bet you had never thought that Febreze bottles could be useful once emptied! We at TerraCycle are thrilled when we discover ways to recycle what was previously thought of as “trash”.

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