“Human Resources: Fine Wining” Airs 10pm EST

Tonight’s episode of “Human Resources” is all about wine! Airing at 10pm EST on Pivot TV, this episode displays a classic example of what the concept of “upcycling” is all about.

We at TerraCycle define “upcycling” as collecting difficult-to-recycling packaging and products and repurposing the material into new and innovative products. It sounds much like a complex scientific process, but it can end up being a fun DIY project for your Sunday afternoon. In this episode of “Human Resources,” you will see how we do upcycling at our facility for our partners at The Naked Grape, a boxed wine manufacturer.


The Naked Grape wants to highlight their eco-friendly partnership with us by selling upcycled and recycled wine-related products to their customers. This initiates a mass brainstorming effort by the design and science teams at TerraCycle to discover new products that can be created from The Naked Grape’s packaging.

While wine tasting is spurring innovation back at the office, Al and Albe, the father and son TerraCycle duo, revisit their old hobby of stand-up and showcase their talents at an open-mic night.

Check out our brigade programs with The Naked Grape, and as always, get involved in the upcycling revolution.

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