Did you know we have all the technology and solutions we need today to stop climate change?

We do.

The last week in September was dedicated as “Climate Week” where major cities around the globe hosted a series of events inspiring a new wave of action to create a sustainable future. We participated in mass migrations like the Climate March, but then had to sit on the sidelines during the UN Climate Summit. What can we actively do as individuals to empower people with climate change solutions?

The answer lies in an App. We do know all that we need to know to completely eliminate fossil fuel use and CO2 production, a major contribnot-co2-emission-photo6utor the global warming crisis. And even better: in stopping climate change, we can greatly improve our health and increase jobs. The mission of the Go CO2 Free Project is to raise awareness and empower people across the U.S. with information on climate change solutions and what they can do to help protect our future, all through our App.

The App is a hub for information on specific actions everyone can take to help make the CO2 reduction happen. It will provide information on individual actions you can take like buying or leasing an electric car and participating in your local green energy program, to community actions, like talking to your neighbors about the solutions to climate change and your city council about local policies that will help move us forward.

For most, we are concerned about climate change but don’t know what we can do. This App can help. Please visit http://bit.ly/1naC3Vu to learn how you can help develop the App and spread the word that we do have all the resources we need to slow climate change, we just need to know what to do to help.

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